Welcome to everComments

everComments is a free service that anyone can use to put comments/feedback on any page (or selected pages) of websites that they run, regardless of the technologies/languages used to produce the site with very little technical skills.

There are many ways that you can intergrate everComments into you site includeing PHP, ASP, JavaScript, Web-Services.

Why use everComments?

There are several reasons for using everComments on you website(s):

  1. Very little technical knowledge needed to integrate a comments/feedback box onto your page
  2. Obviously being a free service, the cost of running and maintaining is free
  3. Compatable with pure HTML websites
  4. Indicators to your visitors that when your reply to comments, that it is actually you
  5. Comments can be embeded in to page or loaded dynamically (Pure HTML sites are only currently able to use the dynamic method)
  6. Multiple configuration options, but is designed to work strainght out of the box
  7. Various levels of Anit-Spam and Anti-Bot techniques are available
  8. Email notifications of comments being made

Getting started

Getting started could not be simpler. First you will need to register, once you have done this, you will be logged into the Control Panel where you will be able to add websites. Once you have added your site, you will be provided with various code snippets to allow seemless integration into the website.